Real Property Disputes and Litigation

Problems involving land can occur in many forms. This area of litigation usually involves establishing or protecting rights in land or correcting problems or discrepancies in a parcel’s chain-of-title. Many things can cause "clouds" on property title or disputes over land rights. Delaware’s real property law dates back to 1400 English common law and some archaic rules which establish legal rights are still in practice today. Work in this area of law should not be undertaken by a novice or someone not familiar with real estate property law.

Bloom vs. Sussex Group Partners, LLC. & Schell Brothers, LLC.

Mr. Campbell represented two homeowners when after they purchased a premium lot from a developer, Schell Brothers, LLC., their forest behind their recently purchased lot was removed to prepare for additional houses. The plans for development of the land was already being approved when the homeowners purchased the land but they were never told about this and expected the forestry to stay behind their new home.