Personalized For You

The community of Sussex County has changed over the last 20 years – and is still changing today. In 2006 when The Law Office of Dean A. Campbell was established, we began using the slogan “Helping our neighbors, old and new”. That slogan is just as true today as ever. For over 20 years, Dean Campbell, Esq. has taken pride in being a problem solver for real people – not big corporations. While most attorneys fit themselves into boxes handling only certain types of cases, Mr. Campbell is not hesitant to take on the unusual or unconventional cases. We’ll be happy to help you solve your problem, too.

Need Mediation?

Every court in the state, except Justice of the Peace, requires mediation before the case can go to trial. Mediation is a process where an experienced negotiator, the mediator, tries to find common ground between the disputing parties and resolve the dispute.

The primary benefits of mediation are that it leaves the litigants in control of the outcome and ultimately saves time and money.