• 2015 WL 4087056 (Del. Superior Court 2015)

    This is a contract dispute between a general contractor and his clients. Contractor Richard B. Carey (“Carey”) is the owner and sole member of Carey's Home Construction, LLC (“Carey's Construction,” collectively, “Plaintiffs”).

  • 2014 WL 2621328 (Del. Superior Court 2014)

    Mr. Campbell represented two homeowners when after they purchased a premium lot from a developer, Schell Brothers, LLC., their forest behind their recently purchased lot was removed to prepare for additional houses. The plans for development of the land was already being approved when the homeowners purchased the land but they were never told about this and expected the forestry to stay behind their new home.

  • 2010 WL 403313 (Del. Chancery, 2010)

    Mr. Campbell represented the owners of real property against the superior title claims made by relatives.

  • 2009 WL 1743722 (Del. Chancery 2009)

    Mr. Campbell represented an estate in regaining title to real property which had been conveyed improperly by an heir.

  • Fraudulent Transfer

    The case is about a fraudulent transfer between insiders in order to avoid a judgment. The Fringers (our clients) obtained a judgment against Kersey Homes, Inc. a modular homes dealer. Prior to the judgment, Kersey Homes relocated its only remaining asset, a modular home, and placed it on a permanent foundation on a lot owned by another company which was owned by the same family. The Court of Chancery found that Kersey Homes, Inc., and the other recipient company, Living Enterprises, LLC, had engaged in a fraudulent transfer in violation of the Delaware Fraudulent Conveyance Act. The Court authorized the sale of the modular home so the judgment could be paid.

  • 2008 WL 4570580 (Del. Chancery 2008)

    Mr. Campbell represented two homeowners against their mortgage broker who had acquired an interest in the real property. This decision set precedent establishing a mortgage broker as a fiduciary.

  • 2003 WL 21254847 (Del. Chancery 2003)

    Mr. Campbell represented the landlord against Subway in a lease dispute.

  • 2009 WL 2217744 (Del. Chancery 2009)

    Mr. Campbell represented the tenant in a lease dispute involving a liquor license.

  • 971 A.2d 163 (Del. Supreme Ct., 2009)

    Mr. Campbell represented two homeowners who were being obstructed from building their beach houses.